Making molehills out of mountains.

I'm Esme, nice to meet you.

I take challenging problems and break them down into simple solutions - hence the cool caption.
Awarded for my design thinking and conceptual idea generation, I find this to be the most important part of
developing any worthwhile solution to a design problem. Luckily it's also my favourite part of the design process.
I feel ready to embrace any challenge and am on the lookout for more experience so if you're searching for a
passionate, hard-working and optimistic Graphic Designer, I am your person.


Branding is not just a logo, it’s everything your users see and interact with. The brand is your company’s personality and how your customers see you, very important indeed.


The idea behind any design is the most powerful way to be innovative and make meaningful solutions, enabling change for a better future. It is all about the concept.


Usability needs to be at the forefront of any design process for the web, the targeted users need to be constantly kept in mind.  I make sure of this whilst creating aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Motion Graphics

Content is becoming captivating through movement more than ever. Moving visuals really make brands come alive.