Conceptualising a second life for the London Black Cab which is being switched to electric in efforts to make London Greener.

A multi-faceted initiative designed to reduce our reliance on single use plastic.

Cultivating community by rethinking common spaces through the shared interest of food.

Conceptualising what it would look like if Cardiff won the bid to be at the world’s central stage in 2024.

A concept for the UK’s most southerly festival, combining the oceans and sound.

Experimental and bespoke typography, created from scratch to answer briefs in unique and valued ways.

A motion graphic advert to entice young people to get excited to read ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne. 

Conceptual Ideas for a rebrand for a health-conscious pasta restaurant in Cardiff.

Informing students in how to get better rest during their busy lives during education.

Logos created for projects, brands and clients. Some were chiselled away at for hours on end and some seemed to fall out of the sky.